Plan Overview

With the Ohio Med Plan offered by the State of Ohio, you get access to tools, tips, programs and services. Use them to find network doctors, estimate cost and more. Join over 750,000 Aetna members throughout Ohio who are already benefitting from our great health programs and services*, including:

  • 100% preventative in-network care coverage
  • No referrals
  • Fitness and weight management discounts
  • Large national network of doctors and hospitals
  • 100% coverage for Emergency care worldwide
  • Access to online and mobile tools

Your Aetna health benefits and insurance plans put you in reach of cost-saving features and benefits for good health and exceptional member services.

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Aetna Choice® POS II Plan Guide

Summary Plan Description (SPD)

For more information about your health plan and benefits, please visit the Department of Administrative Services website. Or call 1-800-409-1205, option 2.

*Based on current membership data.